More tips for Best Breathing

To reduce your shortness of breath during exertion, try the following:

  • Stay active – but slow down. Most people will try to reach their intended destination by walking as fast as they can – so they improve their chances of getting to the destination without having to stop.  Walk slower and you won’t become as short of breath and will be able to reach your destination.
  • Don’t plan too much activity on hot humid days.  As well, try not to do too much exertion in the extreme cold.
  • If your doctor has prescribed a higher rate of oxygen flow to the exertion prescription a few minutes before you exert yourself. Keep this higher flow running until you have stopped your activity and your breathing settles back down.
  • When in a shopping mall, use a shopping cart to walk with, if you don’t normally use other walking aids.  Place your oxygen in the cart and rest some of your body weight on the push handles of the cart. This helps expand the space in your chest cavity, giving more room for your lungs – and it conserves energy!  This is a great way to stay active, see friends and satay out of the elements (ie. cold and heat) that bothers your breathing.