With Praxair Products as our strategic gas partner, Praxair we offer any packaged gas used in the industry, including Oxygen, specialty calibration gases, high purity medical grade gases in Nitrogen, Helium, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. If your hospital uses a gas, we have it.

homeoxygen_clip_image007Our management system to ensure a facility has the right cylinder gases at the right time saves endless hours and frustration for health care and support workers in the health care setting. We deliver gases based on your facility needs, and consumption rates. Our tracking of gas expenditures gives detailed and comprehensive reporting where your gases are being used in the hospital, giving the facility a powerful tool for cost capturing by departmental usage.

Our managed delivery program allows the hospital to focus on service delivery, without having to spend time on chasing down replacement cylinders, and creating excessive purchasing administration, while at the same time, having sufficient controls in place to monitor purchases.