Helpful Tips for Best Breathing

Oxygen therapy helps to fuel the brain and muscle cells and eases the workload of the heart.  It can also help to improve sleep, mood, alertness and memory. With Oxygen therapy, many people find that they can resume some, if not many of their normal activities.  The following information is meant as a guideline to help you further improve respiratory condition and get the most out of your Oxygen Therapy.


Tips and Techniques

  • If you area smoker, consider smoking cessation. Your doctor will be able to suggest ways to help you stop smoking.
  • Be compliant with your doctor’s directions for therapy, including taking medication as prescribed and following your Oxygen prescription precisely.
  • Eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy body weight.  This should also include drinking plenty of drinking waster to ensure that you are well-hydrated which will aid in the clearance of mucous (see Controlled Coughing).  If you take water pills (diuretics) talk to your doctor first about your optimal fluid intake.
  • Stay active!  Discuss an appropriate exercise routine with your doctor.
  • Learn how to control your breathing (see Breathing Exercises) to further improve your oxygenation.